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The story that moves us

Blance was born at the center of a family owned company that has been dedicated to the processing of fruits and vegetables since 1992. We built the concept of our product based on tradition. We took advantage of the years of experience we have in the banana processing industry and took it to another level: a natural energy gel made from banana purée and coconut water. Our product provides athletes the push they need to improve their performance without having to appeal to chemicals or additives.
Blance is the combination of two worlds and two passions: agriculture and sports.


What do we believe?

Our main focus is to keep it natural, by manufacturing a product throughout sustainable processes that leave the least possible footprint on the ecosystems involved during its creation. As a company, we are committed to offer a product that takes advantage of the full potential present in our ingredients and turn them into a reliable and efficient energy source.

Who is blance for?

Blance is designed to satisfy the needs of athletes performing activities that demand any physical effort. More than an energy gel, Blance is fuel to the muscles. Our product nourishes the organism with natural ingredients, which are easy to absorb and digest. Its energy supply comes from the banana purée, which makes it appropriate for athletes of all ages, including those with preexisting health conditions. In addition, the electrolytes that come from coconut water promote the body’s hydration, preventing ups and downs during a training routine. Blance is the missing piece to complete the puzzle. Try it and “Keep it Natural.”

Image by Abigail  Keenan
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