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The fruit that every athlete should know

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The humble banana is anything but basic. This inexpensive and versatile fruit could well be the next sports drink, according to a recent study by Dole's Nutrition Research Laboratory.

The study compared the effect of consuming a banana versus a 6% carbohydrate drink in cyclists running a 75 km race. The results revealed that both groups of cyclists had similar results in terms of performance, blood sugar levels, inflammation and immune levels.

In addition to being the next sports drink, bananas are also great for gut health, containing resistant starch and prebiotic inulin, which helps feed our beneficial bacteria. Rich in folate and potassium, bananas are gentle on a stressed gut and easy to eat even when stomach problems like diarrhea arise..... something you don't want to happen on a 75 km cycling event!

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